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Awarded the Military Medal in WW2 for his cool, courageous action in Burma

A pioneering businessman, instrumental in connecting the community through the introduction of the first local public bus service

An unhappy marriage let to her untimely death at her own hand

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Professional research services offered by an experienced researcher who can help you find out more about your family history. This experience is enhanced by attainment of the Certificate of Family History Skills & Strategies (Pharos Teaching & Tutoring and the Society of Genealogists) and through evaluation and continual improvement.

Research rates are both competitive and flexible and include all research work, further analysis and a written report.

Online research undertaken worldwide with in-depth and local research possible for both the United Kingdom and Australia. Records searched can include indexes of births, marriages and deaths; census records; parish registers and other parish records; wills and administrations; newspapers; military personnel records; school records; and much, much more.

Research will be based upon the information provided at the time of engagement together with your guidance as to any particular areas of research you may wish to be undertaken. Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Don’t delay - make today the day you get your voyage of discovery underway and look forward to an experience of a lifetime.

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